Full Version: one reason more to use GIMP
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From now on, one can not use older versions of photoshop that one bought in the past !! So GIMP is now curtainly a good replacement for those with a small budget.

Not sure they can sue individual people, because they may not even know who these people are. And there are consumer rights, most EULA have abusive clauses.

Legally, they are on fairly thin ice though. Years ago, Oracle lost a landmark case against a company that sold second-hand licenses of Oracle products. One of the conclusions what that a license was akin to ownership and could be invalidated by the initial publisher.

The crazy thing is that the biggest proponents and users of open source software are businesses, because the licensing agreements of commercial products are way too complicated and dangerous. It is said that Oracle's business model is now to sue its customer due to loopholes in the license agreements they signed. And they pay, because once you have commited your whole enterprise to an Oracle DB, you don't switch over easily. Furthermore things like container technology, where your application can be running on thousands of undetermined computers all over the world make licensing very complicated, simplistic schemes like "you pay for any computer on which the app could run" get very expensive.
(05-18-2019, 04:20 PM)denzjos Wrote: [ -> ]From now on, one can not use older versions of photoshop that one bought in the past !!

What a good idea. Anyone using Gimp 2.8 must be arrested.