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(click for animation)

Available at the usual place.

Don't forget to read the doc (some important notes).

Starting with some concentric circles:

looks great, way better than mine, but I can't find the .py!
UPDATE: never mind I see it now.
Surprisingly light and fast this script. Kidding and trying to learn how to use it correctly.
In the example in the first post the animated text is full (not hollow, with blanks inside), but my results generate animations with just the stroke of the text.
What am I missing that I can not create animations with non-hollow texts?

Below is an image of the original text and text generated with the script.
The script strokes paths. In text, the path is the outline of the letters, unless you use stick/engraving fonts (or you make your own, as I did for the animation above).
something a little more 'organic'

How come you get these jagged edges? Post processing?
(07-03-2019, 03:48 PM)Ofnuts Wrote: [ -> ]How come you get these jagged edges? Post processing?

Probably Smile

Line thickness changes, colour changes, so built up of short runs 5 - 6 frames. Just messing about.
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