Full Version: My Twitter account has been restricted!
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A few days after I released the stable version of SLOS-GIMPainter, my Twitter account was unexpectedly restricted!
This account is only used to inform GIMP_Official.
I didn't post any inappropriate news, and I don't know what happened! My Twitter account is restricted!

(07-01-2020, 09:04 AM)rich2005 Wrote: [ -> ]Twitter? I don't do social media of any kind Wink
An old engineer gave me very good advice
Only believe 25% of what you hear and 50% of what you see People can be very devious

rich2005 said: The above.

Now I can stop using social media. Because it has completed the task of informing messages.

Sad Wink Big Grin
After I sent an email, Twitter unlocked my account, which was very efficient.
(Previously limited by automatic system errors.)
I still need this account, not a restricted account. Wink