Full Version: Problem with exporting images
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This problem started to happen when I download the newest update for Gimp 2.10. When I try to export it, their is message pops up that says, "Saving 'C:\Users\keifer\Pictures\grey bricks.xcf' failed: Error creating 'C:\Users\keifer\Pictures\grey bricks.xcf': Error opening file “C:\Users\keifer\Pictures\grey bricks.xcf”: No such file or directory"
Saving or exporting? If it's an XCF you are "saving", normally...
Saving and exporting that isn't working. It started when I downloaded the most recent version of gimp.
Did you try without a space in the name?
I checked, and it automatically does it for me
(07-25-2021, 01:42 AM)The New Funnywise Wrote: [ -> ]I checked, and it automatically does it for me

I don't understand what this means.... what do the two "it" refer to?