Full Version: Batch convert PDF to DDS using Script-Fu
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Brand new to Gimp and Script-Fu.  I have a need to batch convert PDF files to DDS with BC3/DXT5 compression and mipmaps option.  Would someone please provide a sample script?  

Currently have Gimp 2.8.22 installed and running on Centos 7 Linux laptop.

thanks!  Jim
AFAIK there is no DDS export plugin in 2.8?
There is a dds plugin that works with Gimp 2.8 


Using the Gimp 'batch' facility has always defeated me, but it looks like it is not impossible.

There is an example script here:

Usual advice is: Not Gimp, use ImageMagick.
thank you for the replies and the example script link. Well worth the time to review! thanks again!