Full Version: sizing issues
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i typed a lot, but must have inadeptly hit send, first, before finishing. 

long story short: i have a 4x4 image. i want to place it in a 4x6 frame, to print (keeping the original 4X4 aspect ratio. 

how do i do this in gimp? i would also be doing much the same to drop 4x6 images into a 4X5 frame, for instagram. all the while, keeping the original image's aspect ratio.

Image > Canvas size, with:

* In the X or Y entry field (depending on which direction you want to extend), add "* 1.5" (Gimp does the math for you)
* Hit the "Center" button to center the image in the current canvas
* At the bottom in the Layers section; Resize layers: All and Fill with: White