Full Version: German New Wave Cable TV
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How did you create the clean wavy lines?
(11-15-2017, 11:32 PM)Ofnuts Wrote: [ -> ]How did you create the clean wavy lines?

Glad you asked Smile

Its the whole point about the image. I had seen images on the web with grungy, engraved like looking lines and tried to figure out for weeks how to do them.
Tried to stroke a path with some kind of brush that could generate random gaps and complicated tricks with tiled clones in Inkscape with no results Sad

The trick is the Dissolve Blendmode on a layer with lines.
But this can only generate 1px lines.
So you have to upscale in Indexed b/w Mode.
This way i get a 400px pattern. The wavy lines are done with one of the Distorts Filters (Ripples).

The three coloured lines were done with the pattern applied as a layermask on a german flag gradient in repeat mode, before the Ripple filter.

Will write a tutorial soon.

EDIT: for some reason the pattern looks a bit fuzzy in some places here. I dont know why that is, its clean in Gimp.
It seems it doesnt snap to the pixel grid on my browser/monitor.