Full Version: Earning money with Gimp
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So i was thinking about selling stuff for Gimp and Inkscape in the future.

Do you think it is against the spirit of open source programs and the Gimp community ?

I was thinking about special tutorials, including gradients, brushes, vector elements, etc.
Of course all stuff i made myself.

Chris Hildenbrand from seems to have some success with it considerig the feedback he gets.
I have donated a few bucks here and there for people like him and i think its fair to give something back for all the free stuff he is sharing.
If you can sell anything, go for it.

When it comes to tutorials, even special ones, the only real tutorial is when you are standing behind the student. The ability for misunderstanding anything published is amazing.
Saw this soon after you posted it Esper but just thought after looking again - you can become a gimp teacher! You will get paid for it then Smile
Totally forgot i posted this Smile

Was thinking about posting another question a few weeks ago, because i was wondering about tutorials and copyright.
There is a lot of plain stealing going on in the "market" (like youtube) and i dont think there is much that can be done about it, other than making sure the original is the best version.

On the other hand, word of the youtube "adpocalypse" is making waves on the internet, meaning lots of professional youtubers have been demonetized by google ads.
Patreon seems a new way for those people to continue.

I have my new blog online, but there is no content, because i lost my faith a bit.