Full Version: Missing print options
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My wife has been using Gimp for printing sublimations and she ran into a problem a few days ago with the print menu. 

The print menu had a Print Quality tab where the print quality could be adjusted. We had it set through this menu to print in the highest quality possible at 600 DPI, however the tab is all of a sudden missing and it only prints at the default 300 DPI setting, which is a considerable drop in quality from what she's normally been able to print at.

Can anyone give any insight into why this option has disappeared and how it can be restored? Google so far hasn't yielded any results relating directly to this problem and I haven't been able to figure out anything on my own through the program menu options. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I use linux and there are few regular MacOS users on this forum, so just a maybe.

As far as I know those tabs depend on your printer installation, this is my Gimp 2.10.36 print dialogue and the resolution settings are under the Image Settings tab, very little in the Image Quality tab.


Have you had any updates recently that might have changed the printer driver settings ?
MacOS so I am assuming it is CUPS. Any settings to change if you open http://localhost:631/admin in a web browser ?

Again this is mine: No dpi settings but there are Print Quality options Plain - Photo - High Quality.

Well, it wasn't the exact solution for my issue in terms of restoring print options in the print menu, but I was at least able to change the default settings through CUPS to improve the print quality using your advice.
Its weird, I have the print quality option on other programs and can select media type, but in GIMP it's just the most basic print options. There was a firmware update from Epson, I guess, so maybe that messed something up along the line.
Regardless, I was at least able to get the printer to print at high resolution again, and I suppose leaving it as a default setting on the printer probably doesn't hurt. The printer is only used for graphics for my wife's sublimation business, so it's not like I need to be able to drop down print quality for basic printing.
Thanks for your help, it's way more of a solution than I was able to figure out on my own.