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Add keyboard hint to .scm plugins - lumqarz - 11-29-2016

go to scripts folder
find fu-register
example// alexios-duotone.scm
    _"<Image>/FX-Foundry/Photo/Effects/Simple Duotone..."

make change like this w/ underscore (_) before letter
    _"<Image>/F_X-f/_Photo/_Effects/Simple Duotone..."

Some text editor might have option to replace string in all open text document like in Geany ide.

On linux with example above,
find . -iname '*.scm' -exec sed -i 's#FX-Foundry/Photo/Effects/#F_X-f/_Photo/_#g' {} \;

this only change photo/effect, I failed to use arrays and loop to get it done quicker.

[Image: fx_f_scrot.png]