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ofn-gradient-along-path - Ofnuts - 05-16-2018

First script to use new APIs in Gimp 2.10 (at last, the APi to stroke paths in "line" mode...). More or less a rewritten neon-path.


At the usual place. Enjoy.

RE: ofn-gradient-along-path - Ofnuts - 05-17-2018

Updated to add a Reverse gradient option.

RE: ofn-gradient-along-path - rich2005 - 05-17-2018

Nice one.

Circles in particular come out good.

Had to be the very first thing I tried, which gave this rounded effect to the right side triangle vertex.
Not been able to get that again with single triangles.

Looked like this:

the path attached if you want to try it.

RE: ofn-gradient-along-path - Blighty - 05-17-2018

(05-17-2018, 09:19 AM)rich2005 Wrote: the path attached if you want to try it.

I opened triangle.svg in Inkscape. That right hand note is not a sharp corner node. It is a smooth node which means that the lines have a curve to them. Small and not really visible, but there.

RE: ofn-gradient-along-path - rich2005 - 05-17-2018

Yeah, must have 'pulled' it on that vertex.

Should have been in polygonal mode, more haste, less speedWink

RE: ofn-gradient-along-path - Ofnuts - 06-03-2018

Pretty cool to create bevel effects....

* Text-to-path
* Select, from path and invert selection (ie select outside of text)
* On a white layer, G-A-P (FG-to-BG, using the default Black/White)
* Lighting effect, using above layer as bump map