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Export Quality - uchajk - 05-16-2018

is there a way to set export quality to .JPG to default value?
I know I can save default then load it, but I would like to minimize amount of clicks/keyboard strokes.
In other words, I would like to have export quality slider set to 70 every time I click export.

RE: Export Quality - rich2005 - 05-16-2018

I do not think there is a way to force a quality setting when the setting of the jpeg is more than the default. You have to change it. It is that way to prevent mishaps.

I suggest setting up a default and saving it.

like this:

Then when you get something with a high quality setting the correction is one-click before export.

like this:

New images are different. Use 70 quality and that is used subsequently.

This using kubuntu 16.04 and flatpak Gimp 2.10.0

RE: Export Quality - Ofnuts - 05-17-2018

You can make an image with no known JPEG settings: Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C, Ctrl-Shift-V.