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Some scripts not recognized - dhugg - 05-16-2018


having trouble with certain scripts:

added the script ; refreshed scripts and restarted gimp 2.8 ; verified it is there ; doesnt show up in the "filters>animations>" menu or anyplace else; 

any ideas what i might be doing wrong, other scripts ok???

thanks dhugg

RE: some scripts not recognized - rich2005 - 05-17-2018

This script by fencepost:

Works here, in Gimp 2.8 (works in Gimp 2.10 as well)

Runs from Filters -> Animation -> Spinning Cube

Check that the script shows in Help -> Plug-in Browser put in some search term "cube"

If working, the location shows: example

If it does not show then.
Where did you put the script? should be C:\Users\yourname\.gimp-2.8\scripts
Do other scripts work?
Does Filters -> Script-Fu -> Console bring up a "terminal"?