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Script of the day - Ofnuts - 07-08-2018

I'm writing a fairly technical doc where a concept of "layers" is heavily involved. So to make schemas easily I wrote a script that transforms a flat stack of layers in Gimp into the 3D stacked image:



RE: Script of the day - Espermaschine - 07-08-2018

is that like axonometric/isometric flat design ?

RE: Script of the day - Ofnuts - 07-08-2018

It is what you want, to define the perspective you define the shift of the two upper corners (must be to the right, currently), the vertical shrink, and the vertical space between layers. Plus some fancy options for the layer "ghosts".

RE: Script of the day - Ofnuts - 07-14-2018

Now with user-friendly shape definition (although the previous way with relative numbers is more amenable to being kept in a configuration file, so I may keep both.