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Stylus "death zone" - Wanderer_Dudu - 09-13-2018

Hello everyone.
I have a little problem with gimp. When i start use my GT with stylus gimp has little "death zone" on picture when i start drawing(when i draw with mouse,all fine).
Somebody know how to fix that?
At first steps i use mouse, but latter, when i use stylus my gimp has little "death zone"(it stop responding, in little area, but when i move little forward it start draw like normal. Than it starts  again with new line)

RE: Stylus "death zone" - rich2005 - 09-13-2018

Give us a small chance Wink

Actual operating system (or amend your forum profile)

Make of the graphics tablet.

Preferably a screenshot of the whole Gimp interface (not just one small corner)

Any other details that might help.

RE: Stylus "death zone" - Wanderer_Dudu - 09-13-2018

Problem solved! 
I just drown my GT Undecided