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The Sun on a lot of my images! - greenhorn4days - 12-05-2018

I have taken some pictures and am noticing now that the sun has made a pretty heavy entrance into the images on important parts. Like faces, bodies, etc. I'm looking to see if anyone can suggest an "easy" fix which I'm sure isn't easy. But every tutorial I have kind of found is for an old version of Gimp. I would love to be able to do mass adjustments, but if the solution needs to be done image by image I will be fine also. I'm even up for someone else messing around with it because my eyes have been looking at them for so long I feel crazy! Any help would seriously be greatly appreciated!


I'm attaching an example image!

RE: The Sun on a lot of my images! - greenhorn4days - 12-06-2018

It would be better if the sun wasn't so crazy. That's what I'm trying to fix! I've used the Dodge/Burn tool but it can only do so much before they turn yellow/orange. Anyone have any suggestions?

RE: The Sun on a lot of my images! - david - 12-06-2018

Very quick try.

Roughly selected the over-bright area, feathered by about 60 pixels, then adjusted using Curves. (Mainly value, slight adjustment in blue and green.)
With more care I am sure you can achieve a better result.
I have attached the .xcf file so that you can see my selection.


RE: The Sun on a lot of my images! - Ofnuts - 12-06-2018

The usual way is to use a "Luminosity ask" (in other words, to select pixels in relation to their luminosity).

- duplicate the layer
- Color>Desaturate (in 2.10, I used the "Luma", in 2.8, use Luminosity)
- Open the Channels list, right click on any of the R,GB channels and "Channel to selection"

Now your light pixels are very selected and your dark pixels are almost not selected. You can then use Levels/Curve to darken the lighter areas and the picture will remain natural. Don't overdo it though because you haven't got that many light tones available in the initial picture:


You can also futher edit the BW image before making it a mask for instance by darkening even more the dark parts. There also scripts around to create the luminosity masks automatically.

A good intro to luminosity masks: