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Avatar - charlie84 - 02-03-2019

Hi, I tried to insert my avatar with dimensions smaller than 100x100 and less than 25Kb.

A message tells me that it has been accepted. Bat I do not see it on the forum near my nick name.

RE: Avatar - rich2005 - 02-03-2019

I cleared it but as ever, I have problems up loading as well. I am assuming it is the attached. 

Can you try again maybe as a png.

Ofnuts will have to let us in on the secret.

RE: Avatar - charlie84 - 02-04-2019

(02-03-2019, 04:22 PM)rich2005 L \ Wrote: ho dimenticato ma, vieni sempre, ho problemi anche a caricare. Suppongo che sia l'allegato. 

Puoi provare di nuovo forse come un png.

Di noci puoi lasciarci entrare nel segreto.

Anche il file .png non funziona.