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Gimp with wavelet sharpen plugin - throast - 03-16-2019


I'd used an unofficial version of Gimp that already contained the wavelet sharpen plugin for quite a while now. Assuming that the tool would be included in the new official 2.10 versions, I figured I'd use the new one and deleted the version I used previously. I'm noticing that wavelet sharpen was actually never a pre-set tool in any official release, at least for Mac. Installing the plugin manually doesn't work, I've tried everything, so now I'm desperately searching for that unofficial version but I can't find it anywhere. Does anyone know the version I'm talking about or how to properly install the plugin?


RE: Gimp with wavelet sharpen plugin - rich2005 - 03-16-2019

I think the 'unofficial' version is McGimp 2.8.14

The latest Gimp 2.10 from there does not have the wavelet-sharpen filter and AFAIK the old filter will not work in the new version.