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Change background - RogerTheShrubber - 04-23-2019

I have an image of a TV and I want to keep the TV in the image and replace the rest of the image with a color. How would I do this?

RE: Change background - Blighty - 04-23-2019

1. Make sure the image has an alpha channel
Layer > Transparency > Add Alpha Channel

2. Make a selection on the TV
(see selection tools below)

3. Invert the selection
Select > Invert

4. Delete the background
Edit > Clear

5. Create a new layer below the TV. Fill with required colour.

6. Save as .xcf    Export in required format

RE: Change background - Ritergeek - 04-23-2019

Check YouTube for tutorials on selection. Several are available for GIMP 2.10 The foreground select tool can give amazing results, but it's a little complex to use, especially if you don't use it a lot. For a shape as simple as a TV, I'd use either the lasso selection tool or draw a path around the shape, then in the Paths dialog docker, convert the path to a selection. Inverse the selection and delete the background. Or, copy the TV and paste it into a new document filled with the background you want.