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Dithering Script-Fu - hudsonja - 06-21-2019

I'm using GIMP 2.10.6 on Ubuntu 18.10.  
I'm trying to script an automatic image manipulation, and for part of the workflow I need to dither a layer in my image.

I can't find anything that exposes the functionality provided by the dialogue located at Colors > Dither...
[Image: IkRkuYe.png]

Am I missing something?  Or does it just not exist?

RE: Dithering Script-Fu - tmanni - 06-22-2019

You're right : currently there is no way to call the dither filter from the API.

RE: Dithering Script-Fu - dinasset - 06-22-2019

Go to Help, Search and Run a Command (/), and click "dither".
You will get access

RE: Dithering Script-Fu - Ofnuts - 06-22-2019

(06-22-2019, 05:29 AM)dinasset Wrote: Go to Help, Search and Run a Command (/), and click "dither".
You will get access

We are in the "Scripting questions" section here.

RE: Dithering Script-Fu - rich2005 - 06-22-2019

GEGL operation so not yet scriptable.

There is a script-fu dither16.scm with pre-set options but then it depends how much colour reduction is required.

A couple of quick tests & the script option ARGB4444 is roughly equivalent to the GEGL filter with RGB values = 15

Maybe you can take the principles and incorporate in your plugin.