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Adjust / distort text - David_GER - 09-10-2019


i have a question, perhaps you can help. I would like to have a text adjusted / distorted like the Thrasher - Magazine - Logo (    )

so basically the middle of the text pulled up higher

i cannot seem to find the appropriate tool on where or how to do it. Can you support?


RE: Adjust / distort text - rich2005 - 09-10-2019

Basically it is text - on - a - circle but..

Do you want regular text - which is easy to do
Do you want a graphic image as shown in your example - not so easy to do and Inkscape might be better than Gimp.

Edit: This a comparison

[Image: sN1vsGT.jpg]

(1) Using the text tool create a text layer. Make a curved path. With text layer active, Layer -> Text along Path makes a new path of the text. Make that a selection and paint.

(2) The sort of graphic you can get from some website:  Filters -> Distort -> Curve Bend will bend the layer.


[Image: krQW0dN.jpg]

(3) As the next post Ofnuts bend-path plugin is a good bet,
(4) This not Gimp, came from Inkscape.

RE: Adjust / distort text - Ofnuts - 09-10-2019