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Gimp 2.10 fails to show folder (snap version) - graham - 09-18-2019

I have found the solution but this may be useful for others

I've just installed 2.10 on Xubuntu 18.04LTS; previously using 2.8, This was the version available from the 'Software' application. It installed and ran without issue but would not show a particular folder.
On this machine I have a partition mounted as /other with sensible permissions (r/w for my user and r otherwise) and 2.8 has no problems with it. However with the snap 2.10 it simply did not show the /other at all and I was also surprised that for many of the other folders the date last modified was very different from that shown by the file manager itself (thunar 1.6.15) and also added a folder named 'writable' for some reason.
I did search but couldn't find anything specific but I did find several comments about things not quite working with the snap version.
So I removed that version and set up the ppa as per
installed that version and it is all back to working....

Very irritating