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Draw in steps - Mrco - 01-18-2020

I need Gimp to draw in steps (spacing??), I need pencil tool to draw only every 50 pixels so I can easily draw a blueprint of a house. 100 pixels beign one meter.
How do I do that?

RE: Draw in steps - Blighty - 01-18-2020

1. View > Show Grid
2. View > Snap to Grid
3. Image > Configure Grid (set to 50 pixels)

To draw a straight line:

RE: Draw in steps - Mrco - 01-18-2020

Thanks for your help!
But still doesn't work. Drawing like before, no spacing.

Edit: It does work, but could be better, more exact..

RE: Draw in steps - Blighty - 01-18-2020

(01-18-2020, 08:08 PM)Mrco Wrote: But still doesn't work.

Sorry, I'm not understanding.
You will need to explain your workflow (all the steps and tools you are using). And what is not working.

Or better, what you are trying to achieve so that someone can explain the correct way to get there. Do you have a sample image of the end result you want?