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Making a watch face - rich2005 - 08-17-2020

Just a bit of fun.
There have been a couple of posts about adding text around a watch face. The last comment was, "too complicated, will do it manually". That is always an option, good option at that, however for a bit of fun, a font twenty-four-hours.ttf  with the essentials mapped to key rows. Not all that complicated Wink


Something for everyone.
24 hours for those travelers who turn up at 3 pm for a 1pm flight / Minutes for those who do not understand '20-to-12' / Military type option for joggers.

Using an script Pathrotator2.scm  and ofnuts plugin Pathrotator is in the attachment along with the font. Ofnuts plugin, get from   

A couple of short videos that might help.  demo using Pathrotator (and its quirks)  duration 3 minutes  demo using of-text-along-path-multi duration 5 minutes.

When using the twenty-four-hour.ttf font with 'Keep upright - Yes' also select 'Height Reference - Middle of Box' otherwise unpredicable results. (you have been warned)

RE: Making a watch face - Krikor - 08-17-2020

Rich2005, this Pathrotator2.scm script is lightweight and very versatile. When you have the right information and resources, everything seems easier.

Thanks for the class (videos), the font and the script!

RE: Making a watch face - akovia - 08-20-2020

Nice tutorial Rich, as always.

This would have come in handy when I made this logo.