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logo toolbox - denzjos - 08-21-2020

Found on GC :
For text use, I only installed logo-toolbox.scm in the (C:\User\Name\AppData\Roaming\GIMP\2.10\scripts)
Tested with windows10, gimp 2.10.20
Have fun

RE: logo toolbox - Kevin - 08-21-2020

Do you have a practical use for the output of such a generator?

It looks be be much like the Bevel-Reflect-Logo script that is so beloved on GimpChat.

RE: logo toolbox - denzjos - 08-21-2020

Well, I just mentioned this link because so many people, so many profiles : everyone is different and everyone is important, so when someone want to make a layout the the easy way, this script can help. I just mentioned the link to this script in this forum because not everyone is sniffing in all the existing gimp forums.

RE: logo toolbox - Kevin - 08-21-2020

I wasn't complaining, I was just curious if anyone actually makes practical use of the creations, or are they just getting pleasure from the act of creation.