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weird thing - yomanhi - 06-04-2021

so i was doing something in gimp, but i hit a key or a combination and suddenly all of the windows and stuff disappeared, and it just had the image i was editing. how do i get it back to normal?

this is stupid but im new to gimp please help

wait its tab yay

RE: weird thing - Ofnuts - 06-04-2021

Looks like you have gone to full-screen mode. Hit F11 to toggle between regular view and fullscreen.

RE: weird thing - PixLab - 06-05-2021

You just did hit the Tab key unintentionally Wink
hit the Tab key again (above [Caps Lock]),

The [Tab <->] key is a toggle to hide / show all dockable dialogue tabs/windows (very useful when you need more space for your canvas, like while working on a highly zoomed image)


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