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Measuring A Path - seconddegreeperm - 06-10-2021


I want to be able to measure the length of a path, but I can't see any way to do this. Ideally I want to be able to split the path up into equal line segments, in order to do this I first need to know how long the path is. Does anyone know how I can easily measure the length of a highly curved path? Bonus points if you also know how to split that path up into equally sized segments! 

I have attached an image of the path so you can see what I am am trying to measure. If you feel I have made anything unclear I am happy to answer any questions to clarify Smile

Thanks in advance

RE: Measuring A Path - Ofnuts - 06-10-2021

See the summary function of my ofn-path-edit script. If your spiral is approximated by circle arcs, you can also go back to the initial approximations, compute the length of each arc, and sum them.

Otherwise, yes, you can cut a path in sections. A bit harder than it looks if the path is made of several splines.

RE: Measuring A Path - rich2005 - 06-10-2021

Ofnuts beat me to it with more information. So a all-in-one screenshot.


This spiral came from Inkscape, no idea of properties, conveniently came out as almost 1500 px. You might have your own method of dividing the path up into equal portions, probably Ofnuts has a plugin for that as well. A bit of fiddling with brush size / brush spacing and stroke the path using the pencil tool.

RE: Measuring A Path - seconddegreeperm - 06-10-2021

Thank you both! I had no idea you could convert and svg to a path. I previously spent ages trying to find a good tool to generate spirals to no avail- so thanks for pointing me in the direction of Inkscapes! The path summary tool has saved me a lot of time Smile