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Cross-link a path - Overdrive - 06-11-2021

Hello, I didn't find how to cross-link a path. Is it possible in Gimp and how to do it. I need it as i am using the path tool to create something like a map of countries with their borders. Thanks !

RE: Cross-link a path - Ofnuts - 06-11-2021

What do you mean by cross-link? Edit in one app and seamlessly use it in another?

RE: Cross-link a path - rich2005 - 06-11-2021

I think the OP means a three way or four way control point in a path. Not Possible. Make complete separate boundaries for each country, overlapping where necessary.

RE: Cross-link a path - denzjos - 06-12-2021

One can download country boundaries in .SVG format :
Just change the name of the country in the link to download another.
Get them in gimp by clicking the right mouse button and choose 'Import Path' ( .SVG file)