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"Newbye" question about layers - jm_maxxou - 07-04-2021


Beforehand, I am not a native English speaker. Please excuse any mistake. I am not a very experienced Gimp user but I used it a lot to modify/improve images. Until now, I did not have any problem and required no help. Most of my work was about getting the best out of photographs for my wife's PhD and the result was very good.
I do now have a problem with technical images that I must redo (very low resolution that must be improved).  I stick to version 2.8 because of brushes (I am no expert and do not want to create a new brush every time).
I need to import the old image as bottom layer, create a new layer and overlay my new drawing. Only problem, nothing is drawn on the new layer and I need advice.

Thanks a lot.

RE: "Newbye" question about layers - rich2005 - 07-04-2021

This is a Gimp 2.8 Some possible causes:


1. Using empty clipboard brush
2. The layer visibility is OFF. Paints but nothing shows on canvas
3. The Alpha lock is ON. Not possible to paint on transparent layer.
4. The layer mode is incorrect. Also applies to the layer dialogue. Change to Normal
5. Brush opacity is zero
6. Brush is so small user can not detect (unlikely but can happen).

If none of those, please post a screenshot of the Gimp interface, layers, tool options...

RE: "Newbye" question about layers - Ofnuts - 07-04-2021

(07-04-2021, 03:36 PM)jm_maxxou Wrote: I stick to version 2.8 because of brushes (I am no expert and do not want to create a new brush every time).

Uh? Looks like a XY problem. Can you tell us why you have to do so? We could then find a fix for that problem and let you move to 2.10.

Otherwise, see:

RE: "Newbye" question about layers - jm_maxxou - 10-22-2021

I am sorry not to have given news before, but I dropped this work for a while for health (and family)
reasons. Thanks to both of the answers, I have understood what was wrong with my layers. I still get
it wrong once in while as juggling with different layers is not instinctive but can now dispatch objects
as I wish.
Thanks again for your help.