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gimp_gmic_qt deformation - rich2005 - 09-13-2021

Messing around with the latest gmic filter Deformations -> Breaks  for an animation fade.


RE: gimp_gmic_qt deformation - Ps2Gimp - 01-22-2023

I guess it can be layered over a video as a alpha. Where would people use this type gimp result?

RE: gimp_gmic_qt deformation - rich2005 - 01-22-2023

(01-22-2023, 11:23 AM)Ps2Gimp Wrote: Cool
I guess it can be layered over a video as a alpha.  Where would people  use this type gimp result?

It would be more for an animation transition than for a video.  This a gif

[Image: E8iiQCX.gif]

Most video editors these days have plenty of pre-made transition effects. There are some plugins for gimp, simple transitions, blinds / fades etc.  When you have some spare time just play around with Gimp (and the gmic plugin)

Edit: This video clip "cartoon-ised" using flowbade video editor which uses gmic. A bit of a cheat, not a frameserver, it renders the video frames to files and applies gmic to each file. You can do the same manually using ffmpeg and the Gimp batch plugin BIMP.