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Script-Fu Plug in - gazza - 10-01-2021

Hi folks (Me again)
I have started trying to get my head around Layer Modes. I have downloaded a tutorial which is not too heavy, and hope this will be a start. However, the tutorial mentions a Script-Fu plug in (Copy layer mask from above). I can't seem to find it and was wondering if it has been superceded?

RE: Script-Fu Plug in - rich2005 - 10-01-2021

It is one of Saule Goode's scripts. Worth referencing the web page  You might need one of those other scripts sometime.

Downloading from there can be a little confusing, so the script is attached.

Download, Unzip. put sg-copy-mask-from-above.scm in your scripts folder:
For Gimp 2.8 :  C:\Documents and Settings\"yourname"\.gimp-2.8\scripts   

If you ever update Gimp this script still works with Gimp 2.10 and goes in:

RE: Script-Fu Plug in - gazza - 10-01-2021

Thanks Rich. I will download it. I do have 2.10 installed as well (I used your video to install them both), but most of my background has been with 2.8. Thanks again

Well, I have downloaded it, and have spent the best part of an hour trying to create the mask. When I run it, it creates a mask, but the mask layer shows up as black, but there is no selection inside it. I notice that in the tutorial I am using, the object that is the main focus of the layer mask shows up immediately (See attachment)

RE: Script-Fu Plug in - rich2005 - 10-01-2021

You probably have the wrong idea about what the script does. As the name it creates a layer mask on the active layer using the layer above. 
It is just a shortcut, you can do it manually by making a layer mask, then copy and paste from the layer-above (or any other image) into the layer mask. The script saves a few key-stokes and can be useful in certain circumstances such as adding decorative borders.

As an example in a Gimp 2.8


1) Starting off with this image
2) Duplicated the layer which will eventually become the layer mask
3) Manipulate that layer somehow. Might apply threshold for example or something else.
4) Which results in a layer above for the script.


5) Apply the script with the original layer active.
6) It creates a layer mask
7) Set layer visibility's to suit and maybe a little touch-up in the layer mask.

Give some clue as to your requirements and there might be other ways.

Edit: Is it adding a frame / border to an image ?  Something like this ( a bit rough-n-ready - 30 seconds)

RE: Script-Fu Plug in - gazza - 10-01-2021

Thanks Rich. Will be out of action for a couple of days but will get into it on Monday. F.Y.I the help you gave me with the useage of the Grid lines a week or so back worked wonders and I was able to put it to good use in making some labels to identify circuits on circuit breaker boards. Hope someone else reads the thread and gets the benefit.