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Re-installing Gimp 2.10 - rich2005 - 01-08-2022

Windows users often seem to re-install Gimp for whatever-reasons Wink often with no result because the user profile remains.
However, sometimes it is necessary, for example, installing Gimp in a different location.
This a pdf walk-through of the stages using the Gimp installer with the Customize option


The pdf , "on the drawing board" a while, but finally got it down to a reasonable size.
Edit: Spot the mistake, fixed now, duplicated graphic, hate these pdfs, sometimes have mind of their own.

RE: Re-installing Gimp 2.10 - rich2005 - 01-23-2022

It can happen that the Gimp installation has gone. 
Perhaps the user deleted the Gimp folder or Gimp was installed on a Drive that no longer exists.   This means the Gimp installer will use the Drive location still in the Windows registry and the installation might fail or not able to install in the desired location.  Try:

1) The Windows uninstaller Control Panel > Uninstall a program should recognise that Gimp is gone and remove the Uninstall entry from the Windows registry.


2) If that does not happen then use Regedit to remove the entry. It is well buried. Search / look for
..and delete it.

To make it a bit easier, download the attached file, unzip it and click on remove-gimp-install.reg and that removes the Registry entry.


That will allow a Gimp install using the 'Customise' option.