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Template window is empty - charlie84 - 11-20-2022

GIMP 2.10.32 on macOS High Sierra, Template window contains nothing, it is empty. What can I do? Thank you.

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RE: Template window is empty - charlie84 - 11-20-2022

The Templates page is in place, but GIMP doesn't see it, doesn't open it

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RE: Template window is empty - rich2005 - 11-20-2022

Do you mean that there are no entries in the drop down menu as:


If that is the case, it works like this:

A new Gimp installation when first run creates a Gimp user profile. For a Mac something like /Users/MyName/Library/Application Support/Gimp/2.10 there is a bit about it here:

One of the files copied over from that...etc/gimp/2.0/ folder to your user profile is templaterc. Check that it is there. Check that it is not a zero size file. It should be about 12 KB in size. It is just a text file, you can view it in a text editor. 

Gimp does re-write it when you exit so maybe it got erased.

I will attach a zipped file in case you are missing it. Unzip it and copy into your user profile.

Sorry, I do not have a working MacOS (VM) anymore, not many Mac users around this forum.

RE: Template window is empty - charlie84 - 11-21-2022

Yes that was the problem, the file was there but it was an empty file.
Many thanks for the help and congratulations on the expertise.