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Chrome Text - meetdilip - 01-29-2023

I was told that Layer Effect can help create one like this.

[Image: B1D9VH8.png]

Not sure how to produce one.

RE: Chrome Text - rich2005 - 01-29-2023

Layer Effects ? Might be the old plugin. That certainly made a bevel. Probably other scripts as well.

Why not get to grips with Gimp basics, bump-map and color-curves.


Might go like this:  4 minutes

RE: Chrome Text - rich2005 - 01-29-2023

Just see your post on Gimpchat. You are asking about those GEGL plugins.

You want the bevel plugin: Once installed look in Tools -> GEGL Operation and in the drop down choose Bevel.  Same grey text as previous post.  Some settings as a guide.


This in kubuntu 22.04 / Gimp 2.10.32 (from PPA)

RE: Chrome Text - sallyanne - 01-30-2023

You can also do this with the BRL feature. Using a Chrome map

You can also use gradients and curves
Here is a tutorial for one

Chrome Tecniques -

RE: Chrome Text - meetdilip - 01-30-2023

Thanks admin, sallyanne

I came across a tutorial on the internet, Googled landed on GIMP chat trying to make work. There I found the GEGL plugin can do it as well.

Will try these and update Smile