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Pasting from Photoshop to Gimp - petrifieddoublegulp - 09-28-2023

Hi y'all,

I'm wondering if you could answer me a riddle.

I've been working with game textures recently, and doing most of my precision editing in photoshop, and then copying from photoshop and pasting into gimp when they're ready.

I had no trouble doing this with the color textures, I'd paste into gimp, export as .dds and bingo, all good. The game would reproduce the texture on the models just fine.

BUT, when I tried to do the same with the opacity layers, I'd paste into gimp, export as .dds making sure to generate mipmaps, and then all of a sudden the opacity layer was nowhere to be seen. When I edit the game's original opacity layer .dds in gimp itself without pasting from photoshop, the opacity layer is then recognized by the game.

So my question is how do I paste from photoshop into gimp, making sure that I am not bringing any errant data along for the ride that might confuse the way the game renders that layer? Is there something I'm missing?


RE: Pasting from Photoshop to Gimp - Ofnuts - 09-28-2023

How do you paste into Gimp exactly? Whats is the "opacity layer" ('alpha channel' perhaps)?

If the source copies the pixel opacity (ie, all four RGBA channels) in the clipboard, then the pasted pixels in Gimp will have said opacity.