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Where to Download older version of GIMP? - PixLab - 12-01-2023

For those who are searching for an older, previous, antic version of GIMP, it's over-there >

GIMP did keep all its archives starting from GIMP 0.99, thus if you have an old Linux you can compile them, there are also binaries for the different Microsoft's Windows and MacOSX/macOS which is more convenient.

For the older binaries, for sure it might not work on your latest OS, but if you did kept the CD of Microsoft's Windows XP or the Apple's MacOS X Snow Leopard...  Big Grin
Microsoft's Windows binaries (.exe) start at GIMP 2.4 (does not work on Windows 95/98/Millennium-Me)
MacOS X binaries (.dmg) start at GIMP 2.8 (Should work starting with Leopard or Snow Leopard)

On a side note:
When I was using MacOSX, I did download GIMP from the Simone website on which was called GIMP on OSX, because he did put plugins like G'MIC, Resynthesizer, and few other ones in its binaries.
Then when I ditched Apple for good to switch to full Linux everywhere in 2016, I got lucky as the next year or a year later Simone did stop its DMGs, but you can still download these old versions from its source forge page >

On a side note2:
For the Linux users, aferrero2707 is a very well-known AppImage GIMP maker, his auto-script did stop to work starting version 2.10.25 & 2.99.3, due to a website changing its policy about compiling, but you can still download its appimages on github >
Still on github a new guy is doing appimages recently for both stable and dev GIMP version, he call them Archimage, but as of today the latest appimage (arch) does works like a charm on Ubuntu 20.04, , it's here >
The only drawback is the lack of python2 support, but you can download the Tas_mania python launcher Appimage over-there >