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POTN is no more - PixLab - 02-18-2024 (POTN) is no more Pekka did unplug it Cry

That was a forum I had used to go time to time, I subscribed something like 15 years ago, a week or 2 ago I tried to go but it was unreachable and today I came across this ➤

RE: POTN is no more - denzjos - 02-19-2024

At the time I made calculations with a slide rule. Then came the calculator and then the computer. Graphic designs are the same: from a pencil on a slate, via paper and (coloured) pencil to computer graphics. In the beginning, photography was always a judgment of lighting and subject. Then came the automatic exposure and distance settings. Photographers were enthusiastic. Then came the smartphone that turned photography upside down. Now AI is coming to turn everything upside down. As Bob Dylan sang in 1964 :  The Times They Are a-Changin' ... Undecided