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Cartoon Text [Inkscape] - Espermaschine - 11-17-2016

Made cartoon text after watching an Illustrator tutorial on YT
Mostly in 0.91, but tried a few new pre 0.92 LPE's for the warp effect.
Cool new feature for the Bend LPE is that it works with groups now (or at least i think thats new) and there is an additional width slider, which made the perspective warp possible.


RE: Cartoon Text [Inkscape] - ian - 11-25-2016

Nice result.
I do lots of cartoony things and usually recommend creating the initial lettering by hand. Maybe start from a block typeface and edit the nodes to make a unique style to fit the image you are working on. Typically if the letter A, say, appears multiple times, each one is slightly different. And for actual cartoons, avoid effects, existing typefaces, and any trickery. It may take a little longer but it encourages you to work more cartoon-like, and the result is more real. Including errors that you find in real cartoons.

But that's my style, as I enjoy working with curves and nodes a lot. And it's a hobby, so I can take longer, as I enjoy it.

RE: Cartoon Text [Inkscape] - Espermaschine - 11-25-2016

Thanks Ian !

I used the same comic font the that was used in the tutorial and its really more of a technical exercise. Not much artistry involved.
I dont know if i could draw a cartoon text, it would probably look more like a crappy 60ies record cover, lol, but maybe i will try one day.
Recently i scanned a few of my 20 year old drawings, with the plan to trace them in Inkscape one day.
Should that ever happen i will post them !

RE: Cartoon Text [Inkscape] - ian - 11-28-2016

(11-25-2016, 11:23 PM)Espermaschine Wrote: Recently i scanned a few of my 20 year old drawings, with the plan to trace them in Inkscape one day.
Should that ever happen i will post them !

I also have a tip about existing drawings. :-)

I often start a drawing on paper. When I transfer to Inkscape, I'll do it by eye, instead of scanning it. This way it I get nice clean "new" curves. And can easily make improvements. 

Again, just a method that suits me.

RE: Cartoon Text [Inkscape] - Espermaschine - 12-06-2018

So where is Ian ?

RE: Cartoon Text [Inkscape] - Blighty - 12-30-2018

Thanks Esper

I took your idea and turned it into a Gimp Custom Font.
(Post #786)

RE: Cartoon Text [Inkscape] - Espermaschine - 12-30-2018

(12-30-2018, 10:46 AM)Blighty Wrote: Thanks Esper

Its not my idea, just something i recreated after following a videotutorial. I would appreciate if you could edit my name out of your Gimplearn post.
Neither do i deserve credit for copying something from a tutorial, nor do i want anything to do with the guys over at that forum.

Btw, about those custom fonts: i noticed some guy uploaded a custom font based on a tutorial of mine, which makes use of a font that is only free for personal use.
So i guess technically, modifying and redistributing would be a breach of copyright.
If i was the creator of that font, i would be pissed.