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Plugins/Scripts Help Please
So far, I have been totally unsuccessful in installing plugins and scripts. Only one has succeeded and that was one with a self-installer! Could someone point me toward some additional plugins and scripts that have self installers? I am sure I will figure it out eventually, but right now it is very frustrating! Thanks a lot...
There is plenty in Gimp 2.10 standard tools that you should get to know first. A common misconception that plugins make a "better user".

Very few plugins with installers around, and you might already be using one of these two. 

gmic_gimp  A big collection - 500+ of all sorts of effects/utilities

BIMP  A 'batch' plugin for applying Gimp procedures to many files.

These are for Gimp 2.10. Anything else you might come across will be for Gimp 2.8 and liable not to work.

Reluctantly there is this:  Most recent is 5 years old - use at your own risk - example: - You have been warned Wink

The real question should be Why are you having problems installing scripts and plugins?

(1) The location of the folders.
You need to know the location of your Gimp Profile.  
Usually, C:\Users\"yourname"\AppData\Roaming\GIMP\2.10\scripts (or plug-ins)
This is a Windows hidden folder. You need to know how to 'unhide' see:

(2) Types of files
Scripts are filename.scm and go in the Gimp profile scripts folder
Plugins are filename.exe or + any associated something.dll  go in the Gimp profile plug-ins folder.

(3) Moving files to that location. 
Alas, Windows is woeful when it comes to basic tools. There are free two pane file managers around. At worst using Windows explorer, open two windows - source / destination. example:

(4) Zipped files. Windows will open these as a folder, usually copy the contents to either scripts or plug-ins. It is not difficult.

If you give more details of your requirements, you will get pointers on suitable scripts/plugins

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