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  Paths tool/Move tool not working. 2.10.8
Posted by: Rohugh - Yesterday, 08:49 PM - Forum: Gimp 2.10 - Replies (3)

The move tool stopped working for me,  I clicked it and when I moved my mouse to the work area it would only show the Paths tool,  which worked fine.  Clicking the Paths tool also worked,  I just didn't have the move tool.
I played around trying clicking with combinations of Ctrl/Alt/Shift and got the Move tool working but the Paths tool now refuses to work.  All other tools work fine.

Tried reloading 2.10.8,  tried going back to 2.10.6 all with no success.  I can live without the Paths tool as there are other (kind of) alternatives, but the Move tool is essential.

Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions?

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  Gimp 2.10
Posted by: b60 - Yesterday, 05:09 PM - Forum: General questions - Replies (1)

Is it possible to download the latest update (Windows 8.1) keeping the 2.8 version on my computer?


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Lightbulb Gimp Python-fu 2.7 to launch Python 3 for editing images
Posted by: audovoice - Yesterday, 09:03 AM - Forum: Extending the GIMP - Replies (5)

On windows 10 you can open up python-fu console in gimp and launch a python 3 terminal.

from subprocess import call
If you have python 3.6 that will launch it and when you close that console it gets an exit code back. If you close python 3 by typing exit() the exit code is 0. If you just close the terminal you get -1073741510.

But if I try to pass in additional arguments about what python file to run then I get problems. For example if I run this.
from subprocess import call
call(["C:/Users/audov/AppData/Local/Programs/Python/Python36/python.exe", "D:/Projects/neural-style-master/neural_style.py"])
I get an exit code of 1 and the terminal opens but immediately closes.

If I were to run the same thing by running python 2.7 and then run this.
from subprocess import call
call(["C:/Users/audov/AppData/Local/Programs/Python/Python36/python.exe", "D:/Projects/neural-style-master/neural_style.py"])
Then from python 2.7 it launches the specified script using python 3.6. By then typing exit() I end up back in python 2.7.
But Why
The reason I want to do all this is so that I can write a plugin that sends a specified image or set of images to a command line program written for python 3.6. I would then either directly pass back the modified images or save them to a temp file, and then pass back the path.

The reason I need it to be python 3 is because of the use of Tensorflow and similar deep learning image processing libraries. Tensorflow both has useful projects written for it and approaches being easy to install on Windows, Mac, and Linux but it needs python 3.6.

The reason Tensorflow would be useful is there are projects like these Github projects.
takes about 5 minutes to process an image with a gpu.

takes about 20 seconds to initialize and then about 2 seconds to process each image.

takes 2 seconds to under a second to process an image.

All of which can make a wide range of innovative changes to images.
Integrating them into a program like gimp would greatly aid their integration into a broader creative process. As it stands now using something like neural-style requires a command line argument like...

D:/Projects/neural-style-master/neural_style.py --network D:/Projects/neural-style-master/imagenet-vgg-verydeep-19.mat  --checkpoint-output "D:/Projects/neural-style-master/temp/temp.png" --iterations 600 --style-scales 1.0 --content-weight-blend 1.0 --content-weight 5.0 --style-weight 500.0 --tv-weight 100.0 --pooling avg --width 512 --content "D:/tile/nature256/nature_00312.png" --styles "D:/tile/nature256/nature_01111.png" --output "D:/tile/temp/nature_00312.png_nature_01111.png.png"

There are efforts to integrate projects like these into a gui but it would be far preferable to make it into a plugin for something like gimp.
If what I am trying to do is not possible I am open to trying to do it another way.

The most extreme solution I can think of would be adding a python 3 version of python-fu.
I read somewhere that it was very important to keep python-fu as 2.7 because of plugin comparability. That seems very reasonable.
The same poster however said that there was nothing to stop adding python-fu 3 as a separate plugin. According to them the only reason it was not done already was because there was no great interest from the community to work on adding that feature.

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  Isometric Maze and Gmic preview
Posted by: mholder - Yesterday, 02:56 AM - Forum: Gallery - Replies (5)

Gimp 2.10 is an excellent compositor for dealing with linear light.  If I have a high bit depth linear light format, like openexr, then it works great, in my opinion.  There is no endless tweaking of little sections just to get the lighting correct, just a few adjustments of sliders and everything seems to lighten up (or darken) as expected!  I am very pleased with the process.
However, I thought I would try a Gmic filter, and the preview shows a raw linear preview:
It is supposed to look more like this:
Of course this are jpeg exports, but still, I am quite pleased with the results and wanted to share them!

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Photo I see everyone doing it so..no shame. Some photo manip?
Posted by: iZeus - 11-11-2018, 03:58 PM - Forum: Gallery - Replies (1)

The pics are quite large so..... album link
Album of sad mediocre art

Here's link to actual post
Sad Post

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  Color tools are screwed up for me
Posted by: iZeus - 11-11-2018, 03:35 PM - Forum: Installation and usage - Replies (1)

[Image: 651aceb06e6f09292c4d9c8adc3335eb.png]
What's uh..what's up here

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  Dialog windows stay gray sometimes
Posted by: Budgie - 11-11-2018, 07:55 AM - Forum: OSX - No Replies

Is anyone having the same problem as I have? Sometimes my dialog boxes I want to use, stay gray when I open one. First, I have to click on my desktop, and then again on my dialog box to activate it. Sometimes they work from the first time, sometimes they don't and do I have to click as described. It's about 50/50. What can be the cause of this very annoying problem? The upgrade to GIMP 2.10 didn't fix the problem. See screen shot.    
I work on Mac OS.

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  The focus automatically returns to the canvas window.
Posted by: SenlinOS - 11-10-2018, 05:18 PM - Forum: Tutorials and tips - No Replies

Until the GIMP 2.10.x
After clicking on the other dialog's options, the canvas window loses focus.
Pressing the spacebar-related shortcut will not work at this time.
The solution:
 1. Click on the Canvas-window.
 2. Press the Esc key.

[Tutorials] The focus automatically returns to the canvas window.
When you finish, the cursor moves back to the canvas window, and the focus will follow.
Avoid the interference mentioned (Bug 794887).

Requirements: Xubuntu OS or Xfce DE

Xfce Settings Manager
1. Window Manager -> Focus follows mouse
2. Panel -> window Buttons -> Window grouping: Always

GIMP Settings
1. Cancel Single-Window-Mode
2. Edit -> Preferences, Window Management -> Window Manager Hints: Normal window



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  MS Paint replacement?
Posted by: PaulNaude01 - 11-10-2018, 09:39 AM - Forum: General questions - Replies (2)

I am a long time Gimp user Cool (can't remember how long - I was even a few versions behind I found out Blush ) and use it almost daily too, but what I also use even more often, to quickly annotate a screen grab when supporting customers with a "click 'this'  button" image, I open MS Paint. The reason? It opens in a flash (probably because it have almost no functionality) and I can quickly add an arrow or encircle a button.

For serious stuff, I obviously open GIMP and don't care to wait for it to open, but for these stupid little things, GIMP simply takes too long to open and I can't quickly draw a circle, rectangle or arrow pointer. Granted, I could do this in Outlook or Word too, but then you are almost guaranteed that the arrow or circle will end up somewhere else. So I simply screen grab, open MS Paint (it opens faster than I can type this), add my arrow or whatever, copy and paste into my email and send.

BUT, Microsoft has revealed that they will stop providing MS Paint some time soon Angry with a next version of Windows or something, and left me wondering if this would not be the ideal opportunity for the GIMP community to produce a GIMP light, that opens in a flash, with the bare minimum tools (but with added annotation options like arrows, lines, circles etc. and basic colour, thickness etc. options like MS Paint), and then, should you need more, you simply click a button to open the full power of GIMP. Tongue

This may be a nice way to grow the community and get even more people familiar with GIMP and drawn into the deep side.

The best response would obviously be for someone to tell me there is such a version that I just did not know about! Wink


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  Resynthesizer ???
Posted by: BuckSkin - 11-10-2018, 07:05 AM - Forum: Extending the GIMP - Replies (4)

My first post here.

Windows 7 (it is not a choice in the registration - Vista is as late as it gets)
GIMP 2.10.6 (I didn't see that as a choice either)

I have just successfully (I think) installed my first plug-in = Resynthesizer

Contained in the Zip-file, but not inside the Win64 folder were eight more .py plug-ins:
1. Heal_Selection
2. Heal_Transparency
3. Map_Style
4. Render_Texture
5. Resynth_Enlarge
6. Resynth_Fill_Pattern
7. Resynth_Sharpen
8. Uncrop

When I go to Filters > Map > , Resynthesize is there and a little window with two tabs, "Options" and "Tweaks" will open when I click on Resynthesize.

There is a bit of confusion in that everywhere I read about the plug-in, and even the file names in the download, all refer to it as "Resynthesizer"; however, in the Filters > Map > menu, and on the dialogue window, it is simply Resynthesize = no "r"; is that how it should be ?

I sort of thought that these other eight plug-ins should also show in the filter menu, but I sure cannot find them.
I put everything in C > Users > Username > AppData > Roaming > GIMP > 2.10 > Plug-ins   ---  is that the right place ?

I have lots more questions once I have the answers to these two.

Thanks for reading and all help is appreciated.

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