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  ofn-text-along-path with 2 menus
Posted by: Krikor - 3 hours ago - Forum: General questions - No Replies

I don't know which title could have been chosen better.

Maybe everything is normal, but ...
Only now have I noticed that there are two ofn-text-along-path scripts displayed in the menu;
• ofn-text-along-path
• ofn-text-along-path-Multi

But the strange thing is that:
• There is only one .py file for both. (ofn-text-along-path.py)
• I don't see any difference between them other than the name and that there are two of them on the menu, and that both work.

I don't know how I achieved this feat.

Is it supposed to be like this, like this?

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  Changing alpha channel to be completely opaque
Posted by: programmer_ceds - 3 hours ago - Forum: General questions - Replies (2)

If a layer has an alpha channel with partially transparent pixels (alpha = 1 to 254) the menu option "Layer/Transparency/Threshold Alpha..." can be used to make these pixels fully opaque (alpha = 255).

Is there an existing method for making any fully transparent (alpha = 0) pixels fully opaque (other than by painting over them everywhere they occur in the image)?

Ideally the Threshold Alpha tool would provide a way to do this but I guess it will come down to writing a script if there isn't one already.

(Edit: Just deleting the alpha channel causes any pixels that are not fully opaque to be filled with the background colour - so this, which might appear to be the easy answer, doesn't work)

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  Tip: Work-around: Gimp 2.10.18 script / plugin bug
Posted by: rich2005 - 5 hours ago - Forum: Tutorials and tips - Replies (2)

This is primarily for Linux users, you need to keep the troublesome dialogue on top for drag-n-drop to work. 
No good for Windows users, this fix does not work  Windows users have a 'fixed' samj portable Gimp 2.10.18 as a fallback.

In Gimp 2.10.16 / 2.10.18 There is a bug which causes an error in a script-fu / plugin when a resource - font / brush / pattern etc - change is initiated, preventing the change.

This using Ofnuts text along path plugin.


(1) Change the font and it is not possible, Only the specified 'Sans' font usable.
(2) The dialogue has to remain above the main Gimp window for this, so set that property.
(3) The new font can be dragged and dropped into the dialogue for the change.
(4) That then applied as expected from one of Ofnuts plugins.

Old / ancient logo scripts as well, although these do not always work as expected in Gimp 2.10  (5) & (6) 


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  Problème dimensions lorsque je colle un calque
Posted by: Jelya - 10 hours ago - Forum: General questions - Replies (1)


J'utilise Gimp 2.10.12 et lorsque je copie une image et que je la colle sur une autre image en tant que calque elle ne se colle pas aux bonnes dimensions. Par exemple je prends une image qui fait 100x145mm et quand je la colle elle se colle à 105x150, est ce que quelqu'un aurait une solution à m'apporter pour que mes calques se mettent automatiquement aux bonnes dimensions ?

Merci à vous

Google Translate:


I'm using Gimp 2.10.12 and when I copy an image and paste it on another image as a layer it doesn't stick to the right dimensions. For example I take an image which is 100x145mm and when I paste it it sticks to 105x150, does someone have a solution to bring me so that my layers are automatically set to the right dimensions?

thank you

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  Adding a color overlay to an animated gif.
Posted by: Karrade - Today, 02:03 AM - Forum: General questions - Replies (1)

Hello, I used to have access to ps. Now I am trying to replicate what I used to do with gimp.

In PS when I wanted to alter the color of an image I would add a layer that was a single color then blend it or alter its transparency, this would stay visible over every frame in the gif. How can I add color over an entire animated gif in gimp? I want to give images a brown or orange tone usually, sometimes lighter but usually those colors. 

If this isn't possible in a simple way, can you tell me a complicated way to replicate a tone over the top of all the gif frames? Thank you.

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  3D sinking text
Posted by: denzjos - 02-23-2020, 04:25 PM - Forum: Tutorials and tips - No Replies

A saw the 3D text on the internet (made with inkscape) and I thought why not try this in gimp. Here's the flow :
- new layer (white)
- choose text Kenney Future Square (load it from https://www.1001fonts.com/search.html?se...re&x=0&y=0)
- type your text (here 'GIMP' / color light blue - name the layer GIMP)
- Tools / Transform Tools / Shear - value 120)
- Tools / Transform Tools / Rotate - value - 24,10)
Remark : in this case -24.10 , the 2 corner points the bottom of the 'G' must be in a vertical line (tip : use a raster)
- Chose a lighter foregrond color
- Make a new layer (transparent - in the example name it 'G')
- Make selections with the selection box on the 'G' layer (use shift for making multiple selections)
- Fill the selections with the lighter color (on the 'G' layer)
- Make the layer Gimp current layer
- With the 'Fuzzy Select Tool', select the 'G'
- Inverse the selection (on the gimp menu : Select / Invert)
- Make the 'GIMP' layer current layer
- Delete (on the keyboard)
- Select / None
- Now it looks that the 'G' is sinking down
- The same workflow for the other text characters  

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  gimp 2.10
Posted by: maltje - 02-23-2020, 02:22 PM - Forum: General questions - Replies (1)

I following this tutorial, getting good but from min. 7 on the thing he does is not working for me.
I just draw blak lines on a face.
Not an easy question I know, but what do I do wrong.
Also when I use descaling ,I don't see the grid and can't make my picture smaller.
I work on a Mac.

Kind regards.

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  Is there a way to deselect the gaps in an item with fuzzy select?
Posted by: marigolden - 02-22-2020, 09:41 PM - Forum: General questions - No Replies

fuzzy selecting an item to stroke an outline, but i don't want the gaps within it to be outlined as well. When I try to deselect the gaps it just drops the entire selection. Any way around this while still using the fuzzy select tool and not paths?

Hahah okay so researching this...I came across one of my old posts, and saw Blighty's trick of selecting the background then inverting! Lol >< so, that's solved

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  Selecting Large Amount of Small Specks
Posted by: Gimpy222 - 02-22-2020, 03:01 AM - Forum: General questions - Replies (8)

I have several hundred scanned pages I received as 1-bit images. The person that scanned them left a LOT of specks 1 to 10 pixels in diameter. To manually remove them will take weeks. Is there a script that will select all the specks and change them to background color and then save them as the same file name?

The text is rather bumpy, but I doubt there is anything that can be done with that.

Thanks Sandy


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  Changing an image to one shade of black
Posted by: St1mz - 02-21-2020, 10:33 PM - Forum: General questions - Replies (2)

Hello, I am St1mz. Sorry if I’m kind of an anime fan, but I really want to make a shirt of megumin, and I have an image of her, but I want to make it just one color, complete black, so that I can cut it out with my fabric machine. Is it possible to color it to just straight black, with no shading, just pure black? I linked the image I’m trying to turn to black below.

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