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  Heads...(Threshold fun).
Posted by: trandoductin - 09-20-2018, 10:04 PM - Forum: Gallery - Replies (10)

ofnuts thought it was cool so i post it here too.

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  Sharpen does not work
Posted by: quand - 09-20-2018, 07:06 PM - Forum: Gimp 2.10 - Replies (4)


after several controls, sharpen does not seem to work with Gimp 2.10, windows 10

thanks for help

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  Remove light/dark lines
Posted by: nikopol - 09-20-2018, 01:44 PM - Forum: Gimp 2.10 - Replies (4)


First of all, sorry if I post in the wrong section and if for some the answer seems obvious.

I did some research but did not find the solution to my problem.
I want to remove light and dark vertical and horizontal stripes that appear on my image. 
These lines appear because the image is composed of 200 thumbnails stitch together. The areas of overlap and the difference in brightness and contrast of each tiles make these light and dark lines appear.
If you have a step by step solution (I am a beginner) I am greatly interested.
Thanks in advance

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Question Need help with stroke command
Posted by: audio2u - 09-20-2018, 03:40 AM - Forum: Gimp 2.10 - Replies (4)

Hi all,

First post here.
I HAVE searched the forum, but haven't found an answer yet. I've searched the gimp documentation as well, but had no luck getting the result I'm looking for. So...
I've rotated (at arbitrary angles) a bunch of images in a collage.
I have set the layer boundary for each image to be a good 100 pixels or so from the 4 corners of that layer's image.
I then use the "Select by colour" tool (with a threshold of 255) to select just the non-transparent pixels from the layer.
I then choose Edit/Stroke Selection.
And this is where things get weird.
It appears that Gimp is applying the stroke in some kind of 'layer blend' mode not equal to 'normal'. The stroke gets applied, but it is not using the colour I have selected in the FG/BG colour swatch panel. I have selected white. But my stroke always comes out yellow, and it is NOT a solid yellow. It's blended with the pixel data from the layer.
How do I get a solid white stroke?
Thanks in advance!

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  New Gimper question on texture as object
Posted by: StylinLP38 - 09-20-2018, 02:36 AM - Forum: General questions - Replies (7)

I found a great dirt road jpeg texture on google and want to use it for the dirt roads going through the small village. I see I can use it as a texture to fill a layer. But I rather use it piece meal to fill in a road. How best to do this?
Right now I have it saved in my GIMP2/Texture folder

Here is a screenshots of all the layers I got ready. My Grass layer I already added a Layer Mask. I will be adding masks to all the layers to build up my farming town with farm fields. There is no stream or river on this map.

As you can see the layer I have showing now is that road texture. Im not sure what to do with it from here. But I guess I need to shrink it down quite a lot to be road width sized. Do I make a stamp? or do I make a solid fill layer? but the road lines would not be going in the right direction.

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  Batch Process
Posted by: imagejunkie - 09-19-2018, 08:44 PM - Forum: Extending the GIMP - Replies (2)

I need a script to batch process the following steps on a number of related jpgs in a single Windows folder:

1. Fuzzy Select - set threshold to 5 - select white border
2. Layer-Transparency-Color to Alpha-OK (assuming white as default)
3. Export As - original filename - change File Type to png

Any help very gratefully received.



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  Don't Change Plz
Posted by: ManuHernz - 09-19-2018, 07:42 PM - Forum: Gimp-Forum.net - Replies (1)

Why you guys mess up with the COLOR TOOLS?
It was great as it was before. Now I can barely locate them. Can you tell how to change it?
Thanks! Big Grin Cool Angel

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  New Gimper question on texture layer
Posted by: StylinLP38 - 09-19-2018, 07:32 PM - Forum: General questions - Replies (4)

Hi, after watching 50 youtube video's and attempting to read the manual I am stuck on how to fill my layer with a texture. I am trying to create a map for my online D&D game on Fantasy Grounds and I got stuck. 

I downloaded a Farmfield texture from Dundjinni and added it to its own layer. Then used the "Scale" tool to make it 1600x1600 pixels. Now it covers about 2/3rd of my image. How do I copy this texture to fill in the rest of the layer? I tried using the "Clone" tool but all it did was create a new weird layer that I have no idea what to do with.

Help is much appreciated!

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Sad Remove dotted lines from previous text placement
Posted by: LaurenDelRey - 09-19-2018, 04:24 PM - Forum: General questions - Replies (2)

Hi there! having trouble finding the answer as to how to remove the dotted lines from a previous text placement after i move said text.  It remains visable no matter what i've tried. And when i try to add filters to the current text, such as emboss, it only applies the filter to the ghost dotted text.  Any help would be much appreciated.  (brand new to Gimp)

Thank you!

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  menus and modes
Posted by: dhugg - 09-19-2018, 03:26 PM - Forum: General questions - Replies (3)


runing along fine learning gimp when i must have pressed some buttons by accident.   my display and how i use the software changed and now i am kinda lost doing things that were normal to me.  some examples are i no longer see the open image icons/thumbnails along the top pf the main window.  when i open ip 1 layer out of many it tranfers me to window with just that layer and i can no longer see the other layers.  The part of the display which shows the forground and background colors and active gradient are missing.   have tried playiong with windoes>single window mode.    wondering what i may have pressed and how to correct?    (windows zp and GIMP 2.8.22)



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