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Exclamation what is best free software just for adding professional text , titles ? on video
Posted by: unknown7 - 03-19-2018, 02:54 PM - Forum: Watercooler - Replies (2)

what is best free software or website (do not have good internet@~) just for adding professional text , titles on videos ? ready for use with many templates? or it able to make!
 i can find free and open source video editors but , text feature is not good on it! so which you think can do it !

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  Some customization questions
Posted by: Hollie By Golly - 03-19-2018, 01:15 PM - Forum: General questions - Replies (2)

1. Is there a way to taper brushes when using a tablet? 

2. I don't like how the all of the brushes share the same settings. Is there a way I can have the eraser have one setting (size, brush type, etc) while the brush has another?

3. When I move layers around I like to move the current layer. I have to change this setting every time I open up GIMP. Is there a way I can change this preference?

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Posted by: dinasset - 03-18-2018, 04:27 AM - Forum: Extending the GIMP - Replies (7)

Another filter for 2.9.9
This one was initially inspired by a mural I've seen on my town:
the author -instead of painting the whole image- only painted:
- in white the lightest parts of the image
- in black the darkest parts of the image
I liked it.
Hence I created a filter which separates (using threshold):
- the values of the image between 0 and the first stop (default 85)
- the values of the image between the second stop (default 170) and 255
As BG i used a layer filled with a bricks pattern.
Over the BG there is a layer for the "whites" and the layer for the "blacks".
The intermediate values -remaining transparent- show the BG bricks.
So I got what I liked.
Afterwards I added some options to this filter:
- the possibility to use whatever BG is wanted by the user
- the possibility to replace white/black with a duotone:
  if the user has changed BG and/or FG colours, those two are used
  if not default yellow and blue are used 
- the possibility to let the lightest/darkest values to maintain the original.
Here the filter.
Hope someone likes to test it.
Comments/critics/suggestions are welcome.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)

.7z   DIEGO_HaveFun_GraphicaBTW299.7z (Size: 2.2 KB / Downloads: 6)
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  Erase several horizontal pixel lines
Posted by: Lisandro Amado - 03-17-2018, 06:05 PM - Forum: General questions - Replies (2)

Hi! I am wondering ir there's some way to erase an array of complete lines of pixels from an image. I want to convert am image to a ser of thin horizontal lines over an alpha background. Might that be possible? I guess it's easy with some coding. Thanks for reading!

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  resolution and quality issues
Posted by: alin33 - 03-17-2018, 04:24 PM - Forum: General questions - Replies (2)

I'm creating digital art in gimp which is printed in big sizes also(18"x24" 300 ppi).When I create the art I give the max dimensions to the image(18"x24" 300 ppi)
Now there are additional graphics and elements I want to add to the image-the graphics I want to add are 300 dpi but smaller in image size-so I need to scale them-so they fit my big document-I'm afraid that during the scaling of the outer graphics their quality will be lost-I'm trying to understand what happens to resolution if scaling-My main concern is the quality of the digital art-the final product-I need it to be 300 ppi at big size(18" 24")so just want to understand the wise way to use external graphics -and how to scale them without harm to the resolution and quality-I'm trying to understand what happens to the quality when I scale this external graphics-do they lose their quality? Does their resolution change? Does resolution in general changes during scaling?

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  How to remove someone from a picture?
Posted by: timoseewho - 03-17-2018, 05:31 AM - Forum: General questions - Replies (10)

hello all! so i'm extremely new to photo editing but i was given a task to edit someone out of a photo haha. i did a bit of digging and came across the Resynthesizer tool, using the Heal Selection subtool. i've gone ahead and did what this thread https://www.gimp-forum.net/Thread-Resynt...or-Windows said to do, but when i open up Gimp, i don't have Heal Selection under Enhance, but i do have Resynthesizer under Map. what am i doing wrong?


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  Use of LayerFx Stroke
Posted by: dinasset - 03-16-2018, 03:07 PM - Forum: Scripting questions - Replies (2)

I'm trying to use (from inside a .py filter) the effect "stroke" of the filter "layerfx.py".
While interactively both options ("color" and "gradient", didn't test the pattern) work properly, when called the option "color" works, the option "gradient" gives an ununderstandable error message (something like: wrong number of parameters, expected maximum 4 received 8).
Hence there should be something wrong in my call.
I wrote a little filter for testing, some expert can simply read the source and find the error or run the minifilter and test the 2 options (default=color, gradient only if chosen).
Thanks for any help.
(I'm running Windows 10 64bits, but the problem has been confirmed also on a system running Windows 7 32bits)

Attached Files
.7z   DIEGO_TEST_TestLayerFx.7z (Size: 988 bytes / Downloads: 8)
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  Layer opacity shortcut
Posted by: DaveMac - 03-16-2018, 08:20 AM - Forum: Scripting questions - Replies (6)

Hi all,
I've been using Gimp for years on a fairly basic level. Recently I have been doing a lot of image stitching - there's overlap in the individual images so I just bring them in as layers, reduce the top level opacity, match positions, return it to full opacity and merge down. Not difficult but repetitive.
I make a lot of use of keyboard shortcuts ("Accelerators") and the preset "10% more Transparent" is great but I generally need to press it 3 or 4 times to get a useable level of transparency. 
That got me thinking about Gimp's scripting potential, something I've never looked at before - "set active level to 60% opacity" with a single keypress would be so useful for me.
I'm very familiar with html and Office VBA but my first looks at python-fu have me very confused. If I just want this function do I have to create a plug-in and register it then get it to appear in the list of available commands so I can assign a combination of keys? The python console itself is already pretty confusing.
I think I've got something that could maybe do what I want but I can't figure how to run it to see what happens in order to debug. Then again maybe I'm completely off track...

>>> image = gimp.image_list()[0]
>>> active_layer = pdb.gimp_image_get_active_layer(image)
>>> pdb.gimp_layer_set_opacity(active_layer, 60)

Any help with solving this would be greatly appreciated.

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  Disaster from duplicating all the frames of a GIF
Posted by: HavingTooMuchFun - 03-16-2018, 07:43 AM - Forum: General questions - Replies (5)

I had something that I wanted to do with a gif that has only 3 frames, so I though, why not just duplicate each frame, then I'd have a 6-frame gif to work with...  right?  WRONG:

[Image: combine.gif]

I DID unoptimize before doing anything, and the frames all looked perfect. I kept them all as "combine," since that's how they came, BUT, when I optimized at the end, Gimp switched a couple of frames to "replace"...?!! (This was the 2 frames that weren't the copy of the Background frame.)

So, I thought, ok, it wants to do replace, I'll make them ALL replace...:

[Image: replace.gif]

So much for THAT idea, LOL!! I'm clearly missing something important here... I'd sure be grateful if someone could tell me WHAT!


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  Removing excess colors from monochromatic color palette
Posted by: officer - 03-16-2018, 12:13 AM - Forum: General questions - Replies (1)

Basically, I'm looking to remove colors that seem out of place in strokes because of the color difference.

[Image: 19357afb4d.png]

The red arrows here are pointing to random looking colors that seem out of place. Pinkish and greenish, generally. The blue circles are the colors I'm looking to normalize the outlines to. Unfortunately, selecting them with the magic wand is a pain and the color picker no less. The color filters that I then use aren't very accurate as to where I'd like the regular colors to be. I've tried selecting the lines themselves with the magic wand so that I could try to feather the selection and then fill it in with the color I'd like, but there's a very narrow window that I was able to find that kept teetering between selecting a small handful of pixels on the line, and it leaking the selection into other parts of the image. I imagine that there's a much easier way that I'm not aware of.

Solution? Tips?

Thanks for any feedback.

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