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Resynthesizer / heal-selection plugins for Windows
Okey, I understand your explanation. Thanks.

Did everything as prescribed by you, step-by-step.

This is the result:

[Image: xEvEwVR.jpg]

I'll understand you giving up on this. Sad
You are missing the Python support (no "python-fu" entry at the bottom of "Filters".). And the resynthesize plugin core is called by two Python scripts.

But on Windows, the Python support comes with Gimp, so you should have it. AFAIK the only cause of a missing Python is that there is a conflicting Python version installed on the system. Did you install Python separately?
As Ofnuts describes. In pictures

I can tell you what is wrong, you do not have python support. Hence no python plugins, ...etc


Should look like this.


...but how you got there from a clean installation, I do not know, or as Ofnuts theory.

You could try to go back one minor version to Gimp 2.10.12 using Partha version of Gimp Installs slightly differently and might bypass whatever is happening / or might not Wink

In Gimp (from installer and using the 'custom' option takes you to these options, one of which is to install python support.


Why it would be disabled, I do not know, worth a check, run the installer again
Thank you for all your help! It succeeded. GIMP now functions with resynthesizer.

I am convinced it was all caused by one or more registry keys left behind after uninstalling GIMP. Every time after reinstalling resynthesizer still didn't work. Only after after uninstalling GIMP, then using several different registry cleaners, followed by reinstalling, followed by installing resynthesizer according to the provided guideline earlier in this topic, it worked. So I assume that some of the registry cleaners kept missing one or more redundant registry keys, causing those to remain and mess with the resynthesizer install. Yet another reason to completely switch to Linux, I guess. Although Linux has it's problems too.

And thank you for your patience!

PS: As far as I'm concerned this topic may be set to: resolved

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