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new gimp 2.10.38 appimages with python2
I've added a few more libs to Gimp 2.10.38 AppImage. (currently 92.3Mb)

After upgrading Debian 12 bookworm to 'testing' I find I need 'libfuse2t64' to load AppImages. It needs to be installed by apt and not included in the AppImage. 

Interestingly, Ubuntu 24.04 Noble Numbat also needs libfuse2t64 to load AppImages so not sure if somebody has bowed to pressure or if there is another reason why fuse2 was dropped but replaced by libfuse2t64.

Debian testing is not a clean install but can only be updated to from stable. I find I'm able to diagnose hardware issues better with Debian because its closer to the metal Smile
Just for info: gimp-2-10-38-fuse-overlay-py2.AppImage working in (k)ubuntu 24.04
Thanks rich I appreciate the feedback. Happy it's working with Kubuntu 24.04.

This appimage loads G'MIC-Qt if installed. It also updates it. I just installed gmic 3.4.0 'all interfaces' version. That gives you the stand-alone, cli and GMIC-Qt for Gimp.


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