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Dropshadow problems
Hey guys, doing an obituary here, however, ran into some problems.

First off, I started this a few hours ago, saved it then came back to it so I'm not sure if it's my own fault where I forgot the settings for the Drop shadow creation but here we go:

The firs time I started the project the drop shadow looked like this:
[Image: ParqnCE.jpg]

Look at the name/ in loving memory are all drop shadows with ONE drop shadow layer for each them.
However, the text had to have multiple drop shadows just to get the desired effect. Here's how it looks with only ONE drop shadow
[Image: nr5poGh.jpg]

I cant for the life of me remember the drop shadow settings I used which were pretty normal:
Color: Black
Opacity: 100
Contour: Linear (I think, I never change it)
Noise (Always zero)
Blending Mode: Normal
Spread: o.o
Size (I tried changing it multiple times but one drop shadow layer still looked non-existent)
Offset Angle: 120
Offset DIstance: 5

Im not sure what I did to get such a dark/bold drop shadow the first time around from only one layer but I can't seem to duplicate it. Maybe it's the noise level? Is it possible to find how the options of a drop shadow layer in gimp as in what options were configured?
Here's a pic of the other layers with only one drop shadow
[Image: TzJeMdx.jpg]
I looked at that first screenshot last night and wondered what was going on Wink All those layers.

New day makes a bit more sense.

From your description you are using the plugin for the drop shadow. The regular Gimp drop shadow (GEGL or legacy) does not have those parameters. Espermaschine pointed out recently that the preview does indeed work with Gimp 2.10. For those layers where the drop shadow is too faint to see, try tweaking the values until something is visible.

[Image: BGLff26.jpg]

Alternative. The Gimp 2.10 GEGL drop shadow renders straight on the canvas, so you can adjust accordingly.
Disadvantage: It merges the drop shadow with the text layer. If you need a separate text layer, duplicate first.
Advantage: it is a Gimp filter, you can save the settings for a uniform result over many layers or images.

[Image: gxnQPdT.jpg]

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