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Free Screen Recording
(09-29-2021, 10:44 AM)cloverleaf Wrote: Krikor, sorry for necroposting, but what did you use in the end?

I'm currently looking for something that would help me to make timelapse videos for digital paintings. So just like you, I need only basic functions from the program like active pause, simple edits, and such. I had a look at KDEnlive meetdilip recommended and it looks way too complicated (unfortunately, I have zero expertise in video editing).

In short, at the time I installed 3 softwares and swung between them while trying to elect one of them definitively.

But I only remember the name of OBS Studio, I forgot the name of the other two.  Blush
Although contradictory, OBS Studio was the one I used the least as it seemed less intuitive and difficult to use for a beginner.

The forgetfulness occurred because I spent many months without having returned to using these softwares and already being about two weeks without my PC (it broke).

Yesterday the last part of my new PC arrived (I preferred to buy the parts individually and assemble it). From the previous PC I'll only use HD, so I'll be able to check what other software I had tried besides OBS Studio.

I'm sorry to have written a lot and was not helpful at all.

Depending on your learning curve, OBS Studio would be a considerable option.  Exclamation
Samj PortableGimp 2.10.28 - Win-10 /64.
OBS Studio is a very good tool. Needs a decently powerful system though. It is a bit complicated to setup as well, but there are many guides which will help you. Both text and YouTube.

I used to rely on a software called Kazam which is available through the Ubuntu store.
Kazam: light and easy
vokoscreen: light and easy
simplescreenrecorder light and easy
OBS once you know where to start it become easy and has useful options
I've a preference for simplescreenrecorder and OBS

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