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G'MIC 2.9.9 is out
(09-04-2021, 07:16 AM)rich2005 Wrote:
(09-04-2021, 02:50 AM)meetdilip Wrote: How to add it to the AppImage in 21.10 ?

For info, I keep various versions that work with the appimage here:  

You want the last in the list which you can down load from:

Unzip, put gimp_gmic_qt-299 in ~/.config/GIMP-AppImage/2.10/plug-ins (it should already be executable but check) Obviously, remove any earlier gimp_gmic_qt-xxx that might be installed.

Update the filters (small icon at bottom of gmic ) to get 570 filters.  No need for 'special' anymore, that was a one-off case.

I placed in the plugins folder bu GMIC is greyed out Sad
Quote:I placed in the plugins folder but GMIC is greyed out

Do you have an image / canvas open ?

I missed that. Working now. Thanks :thumbsup

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