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GEGL Operations Freezing Gimp?
So here's the problem. When I go to use a GEGL operation like Color to Greyscale Conversion The program ether will do it but will load the preview one block at a time and freeze in between blocks and take several minutes to finish or just freeze entirely and not work depending on the settings I have (and this image is 1500x1000 pixels). Only Gimp stops responding I can still use all other programs.

I've Googled around and people say RAM RAM RAM. Well see I have an i7 6800K and 32Gbs of DDR4 RAM and my tile-cache is set to 26Gbs. I also have a GTX 1080. Oh and it's running on an M.2 NVME SSD.

So I'm trying to figure where the bottleneck is. Gimp? My hardware?

Maybe I'm not understanding the complexity of the operation.

Any help is appreciated.
Is OpenCL enabled (Edit>Preferences System resources>Hardware acceleration)?
I've tried both.

I'm running Windows 10 Pro 64Bit. The latest stable version of Gimp 2.10.10. I even tried Gimp 2.10.18 from Partha and no luck.

When doing an operation like that Task Manager says Gimp is using like 8% of my CPU and like 200Mbs-ish of RAM. I have my Tile-Cache set to like 26Gbs. I have 32Gbs.
In the same panel you can set the max number of threads. Did you try to reduce it? And is the CPU overclocked?
I don't have it overclocked right now. I did order a new case. I'm gonna take everything apart and clean it and rebuild it in this new case. Redo the cooling setup. I probably will overclock it afterwards. It was set to 12 threads I changed it to 6 didn't have any effect.

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