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Painting a car questions
Hi Blighty,

Thanks so much for your efforts put into my questions. I will follow your guide and let you know how I get on!
Back again, sorry :-( OK, I am referring to the template that I linked to earlier on in my post here:  You will note that it has framework type lines all over it

I have worked out how to segregate an area I want to paint using the free select tool.I have then tried a bucket fill (foreground color) on the template as it is, and even tried creating a new layer, and, using the free select tool to mark out the area, and bucket fill with the color. It fills the area as I wanted, but the lines show thru and I cant work out a way to a) delete the framework lines or b) cover them over with paint!

Thanks  Chris
In your .psd there is a layer called Wire Turn the visibility off (the eye icon toggles) if you do not want to see it. see:

I know nothing about games and never very good with a chrome effect but FWIW

Looking at the image I think any colouring needs to go in the Misc layer
but first, copy/paste fron the Shadows the bit to chrome into a new layer.

Apply that filter from previous advice. (not something I use except once in a blue moon)

You might get something like this:

Then with the Shadows layer in effect:

When everything chrome is chromed, I think a merge with Misc seems logical. That is where other pieces are coloured.

Remeber to Save your image as a Gimp .xcf and not export a .psd
I have just been looking at the psd file and I see that the Shadows layer has a lot of transparency in it. I'm not sure why they did it that way. Is the Shadows layer just shadows and there should be another car panels layer? What happens if you get rid of this transparency and paint the parts using another method (eg by using layer modes). Will the end product still work as expected without transparency?

The method to use will depend on the above.

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Thanks chaps. yes the wire toggle fixed the lines. Im sure the wire setting wasnt these when I opened up gimp to that image, only RGB layers and another layer marked color. I probably had it set on channels I'd say, so thanks for that. I will try what u suggest blighty and keep you up to speed Thanks Chris :-)

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