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Re-setting up tablet
I'm trying to get my graphics tablet to work with 2.10. It was working with 2.8, but the update (with it's uninstall process) must have deleted my settings and I'm having issues setting it back up.

  • I'm using a Huion H85L tablet (if that matters)
  • Input Devices has the mode set to Screen
  • Device Status correctly identifies the tablet is in use when I press down
  • Brush Dynamics is set to Pressure Opacity
But despite all that I'm unable to draw with the tablet at all, not even without pressure sensitivity (unless Gimp momentarily thinks the tablet is my normal mouse). When I put the pen to the tablet the dotted outline of where the pen is locks in place, but it doesn't follow the pen. The cross hair with the brush icon follows my pen, but isn't leaving marks. If I press down hard at first it leaves a mark (which seems to vary in opacity), but I can't move it. 

Any idea what I'm forgetting for setting it back up?

Edit: Looking at some advice from people who had issues with older versions I tried installing the 32 bit version instead of the 64 bit (on a 64 bit machine). In that mode, the Device Status says that the Graphics Tablet is never active, insisting I'm using the core pointer. On the bright side, I can draw with the tablet like this, but I have no pressure sensitivity.
Uninstalled my Tablet Driver, installed a newer version of the driver, changed my Input Devices settings again, and now it's working.
As far as i know pressure sensitivity is broken.
I found a post by the developers saying they will work on a fix after 2.10 is released.


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